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The History Of ancient secrets




How it all began – Confessions from the CEO

I wish I could say I created this product on my own but I didn’t. The truth is real, mystical but yet divinely inspired. I consider my self a dreamer. For me dreaming is very normal and rejuvenating. From a young age I learned to respect, remember and take heed to my dreams. As a child I would often dream things just to find out that they were true. Later I began having dreams involving my family and close friends. Everything I dreamed would always come true. So it began to be my way of hearing from God.

Later in my adult years I began to dream of letters written to me. They were in a beautiful cursive that reflected different colors. I knew this was the time when I really needed to pay attention because of past experiences. The letters always symbolized warnings or hidden wisdom. One night back in 2005 I was in my bed sleeping and I started dreaming very deeply. I began to see the colorful cursive writings again. The letter reflected wisdom about healing and hair. Then I began to see elements of the earth and the names of ingredients. At the time it did not make since but I allowed my dreams to speak to me.

The next day I started writing down the recipe I saw in my dream. Then I started researching them one by one and comparing it’s uses. I quickly realized this was a recipe for hair and healing. I soon enrolled in an institute that specialized in holistic therapy. This is where I obtained my certification as a holistic therapist. As well as grasped a better understanding of the elements within my oil. I discovered that these elements were nothing new and had been used since the beginning of time (2000 BC to be exact).

I started using it on my hair and my daughters and noticed how it made it healthier, stronger and grew faster. Not to mention the incredible shine difference. My friends started asking me what I use in my hair and began trying it. They instantly saw the difference and loved it.

From there Ancient Secrets was born and history was made but never publicized. It was merely kept as an Ancient Secret and if no one asked, I never told. I walked around with shiny, long, healthy and silkier looking hair. People attributed it to genetics and assumed I just had nice hair. Little did they know the real reason it grew faster and looked silkier. However, today after intensive research and use. It is available for others to heal, grow and restore their hair.